Products And Services

  • Architecture and designBuild to last. To make the most of your investment, you need a solid foundation. That's only possible with good architecture and design from the beginning. Madhu has more than 15 years experience designing and developing mission critical systems and he can bring those skills to bear on your most challenging problems.
  • Consulting and mentoring - Compliment your staff with the technology experience and skills that are hard to find. You and your staff members are highly skilled in your line of business, but specific technology experience might not be available in house. Madhu can work with your staff to deliver efficient solutions so you can focus on what you do best!
  • Telephone and e-mail supportTough questions answered quickly. Your developers have run into a problem they just can’t seem to solve. Often, a quick phone call to Madhu will get them back on track and save valuable time
  • Outsourced development - You have a defined problem, but you need more resources to deliver on time. Madhu and his staff can augment your in house capabilities by taking charge of a complete project. You can avoid the challenges and costs associated with hiring more employees or contractors.
  • Open source support - Reduce costs and maintain complete control of your systems. Open source software has rapidly evolved from a low cost option to an integral business strategy for every major organization. Madhu's experience incorporating, maintaining, and developing open source software makes it easy for you to gain the benefits of open source while minimizing risks.
  • Research, analysis, white papers - Keep current on the latest technology. Madhu's technical expertise combined with writing skills can explain technology in terms that make sense to you. Whether it's the latest buzz-word compliant vaporware or a specific customer requirement, Madhu can prepare an objective, unbiased analysis to help you confidently evaluate technology.
  • Prototyping and proof of concept - Quantify risks and determine feasibility. Any new project involves some level of risk. Building a rapid prototype of critical components can help manage risk and determine if expectations are achievable. Madhu can develop and fully document a proof of concept. The results can be used in proposals, business plans, and development strategies.