Typical Engagements

Some of Madhu's work

Apple Computer selected Madhu to develop a high performance, customized domain name server for their .Mac Web portal. Apple supplied Madhu with general requirements and outsourced the development. Madhu delivered the solution on time and under budget. When production issues arose, Madhu was available to quickly solve the most challenging problems.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama retained Madhu to work with their staff to develop a wide range of systems, such as Web services, security solutions, and point of care handheld applications. Madhu was critically involved the development of e-Rx, a electronic prescription system developed exclusively for health care providers within the Blue Cross network. The application is currently available on Palm OS handheld devices. Support for other devices, such as Pocket PC, are in the prototype phase.

Food and Drug Administration contracted Madhu and associates to mentor their staff on the latest Web development technologies. Madhu worked along side FDA developers to prepare a prototype of a major Web based document/workflow system to manage medical devices.

Learning Tree International selected Madhu to develop course materials for their top selling Java curriculum. The four day, in depth, hands-on Java course is delivered by technology professionals all over the world. Offered at more 100 events per year, the course consistently receives some of the highest evaluations by attendees.

Sun Microsystems invited Madhu to write several technical articles for their developer website. Madhu's article titled "Java Servlet API and XML", ranks among the most popular articles on Sun's site.

US International Trade Commission contracted Madhu to develop a prototype Web service and present findings to their XML working group. The Web service returns data from the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTSUS), which is the official list of duty rates (tariffs) applied by the US government.